As I sit here, reminiscing about this amazing trip to Shimla, I realize that it was indeed the most unplanned trip of my life. But, then again you can’t plan the best moments of your life.

Though I am writing this today, I along with my 3 friends took this trip in the month of September. Since it was the off-season, I give you this awesome weekend trip in just under Rs 5,000/-.




Since, I am based in Gurgaon, we took an overnight bus journey from Delhi to Shimla. We reached the Shimla ISBT at 5 in the morning, had some breakfast and then left for our friend’s place in Mehli. Since our hotel booking had the check-in time of 12 noon, we couldn’t go there straight away. Although most of the hotels permit for an early check-in. You can always call them in advance and confirm the same.

This is the view from the balcony of our friend’s place! Like, how can someone NOT fall in love with this place at first sight? Right?

Checking into our Hotel << Hotel Silverine >>, we got a free upgrade from Deluxe to Luxury room. There are a huge amount of hotels in Shimla, but genuinely I feel that this hotel is the best deal in this budget. You get all the basic amenities in the room along with an amazing view of Shimla, overlooking from the window.

The infamous Mall Road of Shimla, is situated at a distance of less than 1 km, from this hotel. So, day 1 was all about shopping at Mall Road, Lakkad Bazaar & the Tibetan Market.

Along the Mall Road, you can get your pictures clicked in the complete Himachali Outfit, visit the church( do take care of the timings when the church is operational), get a horse ride and trek a little further to visit the Jakhu Temple (But beware of the monkeys lurking around there ! ).

Shop in the Lakkad Bazaar for hundreds of wonderful everyday things made in wood, or go down towards the Tibetan Market to shop at unbelievable prices. Have something at the evergreen <<Indian Coffee House>> and get a taste of the British Era.

Go to the dhabas on the stairs connecting Mall road and lower Mall road, to enjoy the best food experience! And Mall road offers a number of beautiful spots to get your pictures clicked, so get the most of it!




We booked a cab from our hotel, that offered us to visit all the tourist spots in Kufri. So if you have no clue about where to go in Kufri, leave it all on the driver. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed even a bit!

On the way to kufri, we experienced some breathtaking sceneries, and the first spot there landed us in front of the mesmerizing valleys called the Green Valley. It is basically just a tourist spot where you can halt, enjoy the beauty of nature and gather some memories. Well if you ask me, I could just stay there forever!

Further, on the way, we encountered a number of yaks every few meters for the tourists to get some pics clicked with them. Though, personally I denied to take part in the activity because firstly, they are scary. And secondly, I am an animal lover! So I couldn’t possibly gather the courage to torture the poor thing for a picture.

Moving further, the third tourist spot we went to was a kind-of an adventure park known as <<Hip Hip Hurray>> They had a number of different package & adventures to offer, and we ended up choosing the 3 Adventure Package. It included : Zip Lining, Burma Bridge & Bungee Jumping(on Trampoline).

NOTE: If you are not much of an adventurer but would love to try these once in your lifetime, Go for this place. But if you love adventures and height- SKIP this place. Because there are more dangerous and fun activities waiting for you!

Anyway, so coming back to Hip Hip Hurray, we enjoyed the amazing ambience of the place, the settings and ofcourse the view! Since I tried zip lining for the first time, it was an amazing experience. Though the distance was not much, I guess it was fine for first timers and for people who are a little terrified of heights.

At the end of zip lining, we were supposed to cross the burma bridge in order to get back to the park. It was a little rockey & scary, but the worst part was, that two people had to cross it together, so a great amount of co-ordination was needed. This was more like a trust exercise rather than an adventure. Oh but wait, isn’t that what adventures are supposed to be like – Scary and heart-stopping? Hmmm Nevermind.

Now, bungee jumping was something that I had always wanted to try atleast once! And here, I was getting that opportunity, So I grabbed it with both my hands – both the chance and the bungee-jumping wire, because if I didn’t grab the latter, I would have ended up spinning profusely in the air and that wouldn’t have been a very desirable moment. So, I am there, half way into the air, hoping to enjoy it, and since no-one mentioned to me the basic rules of bungee-jumping, I end up folding my legs making me swing every time I come down. Although my experience was amazing and I absolutely enjoyed it and I would love to do it again, I wish I knew this rule before-  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR LEGS STRAIGHT during bungee-jumping! If you remember this, everything else is a piece of cake!

Oh cakeee!!!!… hmm where were we? Oh yes, so after we were done here, our next stop was the famous Mahasu Peak. For all the adventure seekers -your adventure lies here! To reach the top, we took a horse ride which was absolutely fun. It took around 30 mins for us to reach the top point. Once there, you can almost spend an entire day there. We trekked a bit and visited the temple there. Further you can trek to the apple farm, though there won’t be any apples to see, you can still enjoy the activities there. The zip-lining distance is huge, taking you from between the trees and the clouds. Bungee-jumping on trampoline will definitely show you a bit of heaven. Also, there is Snow Point about which I don’t have a clue, but I think even there you can find some activities to do. The best part is that, if you go in an off season, the rates for these can drop down from Rs 3000/- to Rs 500/- only. Along the trek, you can also get a pic clicked with Ajgar or a rabbit.

After we were done with this place, we went to a mini zoo just nearby Mahasu Peak. Though it consists of barely 4 different species, we enjoyed watching the leopard and the bear. Also, there are some really pretty species of birds. We went through the complete zoo in less than 10 mins and we took an exit from there, we saw a small food stall by a lady. She cooked some amazing chaats, and everyone loved it so much that we finished up her days stock by 3pm. So, if you ever find yourself in kufri, you should definitely eat at this stall.

A few meters from the zoo, is the last tourist spot – a mini market. You can shop there at good bargaining rates and visit a small cafe nearby,known as <<Lalit Cafe>>. The same evening, we took a bus back to delhi, letting the peace and serenity of this place to sink-in in us and rejoice us.


Well that was how I spent my weekend in Shimla & Kufri. Those who have already been here, I am sure you guys have your own fun stories. For others, I hope I helped you a bit. 🙂


17 thoughts on “The Unplanned Trip To Shimla & Kufri

  1. <3 <3 most memorable unplanned trip on my birthday weekend with u ppl..<3 <3

    1. This is truly something I struggle with every day. You always touch the subjects that are so important to me. An happiness is also a subject that should be didscsues, and I feel this poem is about that. About our journey here, and what this journey is about. Sometimes a poem can untangle the knot of feelings that is inside me. I would love to see more videos like that. Thanks![]

    1. You write wonderful reading material. I really like your vionweipts outlined here and I appreciate your writing skills. Thank you for sharing your unique thoughts.

    1. something to me when I first started (a period were I was delirious and insanely writing for hours and days at a time): If you were still working a regular job, you would have a certain amount of sick days and vacation days wo21ln&#8ud7;t you?So I use that thought process if I’m not feeling well one day and take a sick day, or if I just need some personal space I take a vacation day. Yes, we’re writers. We are also very much human and need to refresh our minds and spirits from time to time. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. This trip looks amazing – impromptu moments always seem to be the best! no matter how much you plan sometimes its more fun just to go with it!

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