A friend of mine, always says to me “TRAVEL LIGHT!”. And though I agree that travelling light is the best and most beneficial way of travelling, we can’t ignore that there are some essential items that need to be carried anyway!

Be it a leisure trip, or a business trip or even camping, there is always a list of items that remain common to be carried along. Here in this blog post, I list for you some of the essentials while going on any kind of travel.


Always carry a big enough water bottle for yourself, mainly due to 2 reasons. First, to save yourself from dehydration. And second, to save your health. When travelling to a new place, you can never be sure of the quality of water you get there. Even if it’s bottled water, it may not suit your system and you would end up wasting half your trip trying to cure yourself from the illness. So, carry boiled water with yourself in your bottle.


To light your way in dark times. And though the reference is dramatic, the usage stands true! Since future can’t still be predicted accurately, it’s safe to be ready for situations where there is no light 😀


If even a paper can cut us, then anything else can also injure or harm us in any way. It’s best to keep a mini first-aid kit handy, with your usual medicines, if any, and also some common & general medicines, such as, for headaches, fevers, wounds and allergies.


Always carry a portable charger for your cell phone. And when I say ALWAYS, I literally mean it! Because going to a new place and not knowing your directions because your cell phone just died, is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have charged your phone or your phone has an excellent battery life, your cell phone might still go out of battery at the most unexpected moment.


As important as it is to carry cash and cards along, it is also necessary to keep these segregated. So that in case of any mishap, you still have access to atleast one of these to make your way through your trip.


Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, it is always beneficial that you carry atleast 1 original photo identification proof with yourself. Some people close to me have often had bad experiences due to lack of an id proof. So it’s best to save yourself from the awkwardness and complexity of such situations.


A lot of you might have experienced loss of baggage, specially when travelling in flights with 1 or more stops. So, I am pretty sure you would have been cautious ever since. But for those who haven’t experienced it yet – you have been lucky till now. So why test your luck? Be planned and carry an extra pair of clothing in your hand baggage.

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5 thoughts on “Top Must Have Items for any kind of Travel

  1. Your list is completely true! I have myself experienced problems due to unavailability of any ID proof. But, that story is for some other time!

  2. The last point is so apt! I always take care of the fact that I am carrying an extra pair. Although never faced baggage loss till now!

  3. this is a really helpful list.
    I read other posts by you and they are so good! Really nice.

  4. Battery Charger is always a must for me. Infact all your point are true.

  5. Agree with everything! Even at home I always carry a water bottle with me, like everywhere.

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