We all know how pretty, colourful and romantic France is. Every one of us, have France listed somewhere in our bucketlist of places to visit.

But we Indians have our own little French city, where we enjoy and cherish our escapades the French way.



Situated in the south of India, Pondicherry is a city rich with French food, culture, people, and everything else that’s French.

It has its own airport, so those living far away can travel by air. As for us, we enjoyed the train ride from Chennai to Pondicherry. Since we are a full time corporate slave, me and my friends decided to leave for Pondicherry by an evening train.

If you are planning to go to Pondicherry unprepared then it may not turn out to be a very good decision. If you reach there before 10 pm., you still might enjoy your spontaneity.

You can book your stay at the Auroville Ashram and experience spirituality & enjoy various cultural activities. Else, you can also stay at some good, luxurious, and affordable hotels right in front of the Rock Beach.

The first night, we enjoyed the calmness and serenity at the rock beach and checked -in into a hotel in the French colony.

Waking up early the next morning, we went to take a morning stroll across the shore line of the Rock beach and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise.




Later we went around to see the French colony.  Revelled in the architecture, the food and the beautiful rues of the city.



Wandering around, we found ourselves in front of the most beautiful church I have ever seen! – Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges. It is one of the most popular tourist attraction places and is known for its astonishing masonry and architectural styles. There are many relics and sculptures housed here, brought from France during the colonial rule.



Next, we went to see the Aurobindo Ashram. This is a spiritual community, excellent for people who wish to perform meditation. They ban the use of any electronic devices inside, therefore you would have to experience this beautiful place first hand.



You can treat yourself with some awesome varieties of french breads at Cafe Xtasi or Bakers Street.



If you are lovers of antiquities, definitely visit the Pondicherry museum. They have different sections categorized. You can witness some natural stones, ancient coins, statues made of brass from different time periods, evolution of swords and guns, the ancient royal furniture, cars, and animal statues.



We also went to see the botanical garden, and enjoyed the joy ride on train!



Although, personally I would suggest you skip this place, but you can visit it to see the aquarium section and the Japanese rock structure and enjoy the musical fountain show that is organised twice in the evening.

At last, we went to the eminent Paradise Beach. You should definitely plan to go here in the morning, because this place is so so so famous that it requires you to stand in a queue for approximately 1 hour before you can take the ferry to the island.



Paradise beach is located on the paradise island, and the ferry ride brings forth us some really amazing views of the nature surrounding this area.



They say that the ticket is valid for 2 hours from the time you reach the island. But given my personal experience you can come back any time. The ferry back is available after every 15-20 mins and again you would have to stand in a queue. So I hope you plan it accordingly!



  1. Oh woww! The images are so pretty. It looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Amazing captures. India really is so beautiful. Will definitely plan a trip to India very soon 🙂

  3. Hey I have been to this place. It really is a very beautiful place. I loved the paradise beach and the camp fire!

  4. Looks like you really had a lot of fun. I love the french cuisine and culture. And the church looks so amazingly cool!

  5. Great post!
    I have my own travel company. Lemt me know if you and your friends need further assistance in planning your future plans!

  6. Oh i love beaches and I have been to France. Exploring this french part of India is going to be fun! 😀

  7. Beautiful photos and lots of information. I visited​the place long back but after seeing the pictures feel to visit again.

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